SGA Election


By Erin Hoyle

Being elected as part of the SGA board allows students to work together with teachers and peers in order to improve the school. Members are able to act as a voice for the student body and contribute to school spirit. According to Mrs. Jessica Miller, SGA advisor, an SGA representative should have leadership traits and must apply to a number of requirements.

“Students have to write a campaign speech, be approved by two teachers, and already be in SGA,” Mrs. Miller, who is in charge of the Oakdale SGA, stated, regarding requirements to run for a position in SGA.

Oakdale offers the positions of Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and President. This year, students elected the following:

President: Carter Gipson

Vice President: Peyton Coady

Secretary: Camille Gipson

Treasurer: Ryan Shubert

Once elected, members have many jobs and responsibilities.

“We organize meetings, attend general assemblies, go to high school representative meetings, lead meetings, and organize events for the school,” said sophomore Camille Gipson, who was Treasurer last year.

Although taking one of these positions comes with a lot of responsibility, it is worth it because the members are able to use their leadership in order to help the school.

SGA Erin Hoyle

Members of SGA at this year’s leadership convention.