The Importance of journalism

Sage Wann

Journalism, what is it? Journalism can be a form of expression through writing, getting out opinions and feelings based on the surrounding world and what’s going on in it. The Journalism class here at Oakdale provides news for all the students, teachers and people in the Oakdale community.The different types of stories include news about sports, features, and opinion articles from students here at Oakdale.

Getting news out to Oakdale is important in terms of what the students need to know and what they already know. This includes anything going on in the real world, to school news and what’s going on here.

(https://oakdale By Elissa Dallimore)

Sports cover a majority of the sports teams, giving the Oakdalians something to cheer about, or something to cry about. This can also get out recent news about concerts and plays put on by the Oakdale High’s arts department, full of students ready to show off what they had been working so hard to accomplish through music, acting, and dancing.

( By Maxwell Kasten)

Opinions in high school can get rocky. Judgement is off, peer pressure is high, and teenagers can be cruel (I think we all know that one) but if you want to see what the students here at Oakdale think, the opinion page full of articles with little to no filter on them is great. Not only do Journalism students participate in this, but getting the school involved is helpful too. You can see anyone’s opinion ranging from students of all grades to teachers in every department.

( By Brian Herman and Brenan Capicchioni)

Feature articles can cover a wide variety of things, like sport news, and even specific people here at Oakdale. Feature articles can show school spirit, heartbreaking news, and even student and teacher features. These specific showcases on anything can allow more of Oakdale’s students and staff show its bear pride and show similar interest within the school.

(  By Anna Lee)

Everything about the school you need can be found on the the Oakdale High School Journalism page and we have many new students joining for the upcoming fall semester.

Greysen Simmons, a ninth grader is going to be Journalism 1 (J1) next year, “I have an interest in writing and this would be a way for me to broaden my writing experience.”

Simmons isn’t the only one who will be taking J1 next year; incoming freshman students will enjoy writing and being the voice of our school.

Anurag Katiyar, a student who isn’t in journalism but still knows what the site is thinks, “It’s important for them to know, but sometimes outside and school news can get too destructive disrupting the learning environment”.

Journalism can be the foundation of news at our school, discussing everything in school that is important going on. While some people may disagree that it is useful to our school with announcements being our main source of information, the Paw Print is a great way to get real world news into our school’s atmosphere.