College Esports Paves New Pathway


NACE sports is a non-profit collegiate esports association that brings Varsity esports to colleges and universities and people can even get full rides to certain colleges with these programs.

Nathaniel Mathes, Writer

NACEsports (National Association of Collegiate Esports) is a non-profit association that was founded in July 2016. NACEsports is the only association of Esports programs for Colleges and Universities. There are currently over 170 schools with Varsity Esports programs. There is also an organization called Tespa, and it is the world’s largest network of College Players and Competitive gaming leagues:”Recognized as a force for good, and a catalyst for bringing people together.”


Over 170 colleges and universities across the U.S. have Varsity Esports programs. Some of those people who are in these programs have scholarships for the Esport they play. At Harrisburg University in Pennsylvania there is a varsity Esports team competing in tournaments for $50,000. They compete in tournaments like Overwatch, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and etc.


These events have helped make HU the hub of east-coast Esports: “Twenty-two varsity Esports players each year receive full tuition scholarship along with a housing stipend.” Harrisburg even recruited coaches like Joe “Joemeister” Gramano who played for Team Canada in the Overwatch World Championship in 2017 and Philadelphia Fusion in the Overwatch League. 


On it shows that there are several college esports leagues. It also shows that there are 175 colleges and universities that are members of nace(National association of collegiate esports). These schools can offer partial or full ride athletic scholarships with Tespa; however, there are about 314 active chapters or clubs that compete in Tespa leagues that can give the gamers a chance to get a scholarship with prize money. 


With NAC they recognize their esports teams as official varsity esports programs. With collegiate esports rising and colleges giving out scholarships for playing video games, those who aren’t as good at sports like football or basketball and have a passion for gaming can now find a way to do something during college and have a chance to join a professional esports team.


NAC-esports partnered with NCSA(Next College Student Athlete), the world’s largest and most successful college athletic recruiting network. NAC also partnered with MSI, the world’s leading gaming brand, and Twitch, a lead streaming platform for gamers and pro’s, which allows up and coming gamers to get themselves exposure. It is a great platform for watchers and users to get better at the game, and for streamers to gain publicity.